Counting down to Japan

My house is a disaster. In five days I’m flying to D.C. for a whirlwind 18 hour sightseeing trip with my boyfriend, then we are flying to Japan.

While I’m gone, a great friend is moving into my house to babysit Ginger (who will invariably bark at the mailman and snuggle too much)

and Zuzu (who will also snuggle, get hair on everything, and whine incessantly for tuna treats.)

a/k/a furball

I really hope my friend is still my friend when I get home.  And although I can’t control the behavior of the pets, I can make sure my house is spotless, organized, and pretty. So this is what I’ve been working on all day.

I also still have to remake about half of my wardrobe. Due to rather unfortunate budgetary restrictions, I’ve not had the freedom to spend bushels of money getting my wardrobe exactly as I’d like it. Instead, I’m remaking clothes that aren’t currently wearable…which, in the long run, makes me feel so much more creative and thrifty, but takes quite a bit more time than simply handing the cashier at Express my card.

Current projects:

I have made peace (well, a grudging peace…maybe consider it like the end of WWI… more of a disarmament than a true peace) with the fact that I’m much too short for capri pants. Unless paired with shoes too high to walk in, they make me look like a munchkin. So I’m chopping a bunch of capri pants into longish shorts.

I have several t-shirts in a style that was popular a few years ago that I’m trying to remake. They have ruffled, kind of angel-wing-y sleeves, scooped or low banded necks, and waists gathered into bands. I’m hoping I can lop off the bottom band, take a few inches out of the sides to get rid of the fullness, and actually wear the darn things.

I have a few skirts that I recently remade from dresses that need a bit of work. (Have you ever used wide elastic for skirt making? Holy crap, easiest thing ever. I’ll post about this soon.)

I need to make a cotton slip for a few skirts that are a bit more sheer than I’m comfortable with–planning to use a sheet (An eon ago, I worked at a hotel while it was going through an upgrade. All of the old sheets–your basic,  low- thread-count-but-washed-so-much-they-are-soft white top sheets–were up for grabs, and I grabbed several. My stash has been used as tablecloths for impromptu parties, as a Christmas tree skirt, as lining for sheer dresses, I think I even made a night-shirt out of one.) Anyway, I need a comfortable-in-the-tropics half-slip. (I know from experience nylon is not to be used in that region. God-awful uncomfortable.) I think another sheet is going under the knife.

And to accomplish all of this I have exactly one more weekend day, and Monday and Tuesday nights after work. I hope and plan to be completely done with everything–packing, cleaning, organizing, notes for housesitting friend–by Tuesday night, and Wednesday can be all about getting a good night sleep. At least, that is how I have it planned in my head. Wish me luck!

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