Joy rhymes with toy

I have a new toy on the way. Here’s the story:

My boyfriend makes amazing mojitos. They are strong and sweet and absolutely always what I am craving. (I was going to make a sappy correlation, but have decided that I’m much too cool for that. As are you, gentle [theoretical] reader.) A few days ago, I was drinking one of these fabulous concoctions while working a crossword puzzle online. Suddenly, inspiration struck. The sun broke through the clouds and a choir of angels geared up for Hallelujah.   I knew the word I needed. Unfortunately, as all of these things were happening, I was also mid-swallow of aforementioned amazing mojito. And the laptop, patiently waiting for me to record my inspiration, instead got the rest of my drink–roughly 20 ounces of raspberry flavored rum (yum!), lime juice, mint leaves, and Sprite. Sadly, the laptop did not survive the baptism. The Geek Squad guy opened it up and audibly groaned before gingerly pulling out a wilted mint leaf. Luckily, after repeated scares about lost papers, research, photos, etc., I compulsively back things up. I believe I only lost the group of pictures that I’d taken that day–while that blows, it could have been so very much worse.

The good news is that, after lusting over one for nearly a year,  I’m (yay!) getting a netbook. And yes, I know. Everyone I’ve asked has five friends with horror stories about them. But I (well, the amazing boyfriend) did substantial research, and I believe the benefit (extreme transportability, long battery life) outweigh the possible drawbacks (small size will require extra full-size keyboard at home for hardcore paper writing, need to upgrade the memory pretty much immediately, need to purchase an external CD/DVD drive also immediately.) Besides, it’s cute. And a beautiful bronzy/brown color. And it will fit in most of my purses, which is totally cool. And it lasts NINE HOURS on a charge. I mean, I don’t even need to bring my cord with me to school. That’s pretty amazing.

It should arrive today. I am very excited. Apparently the last thing I said last night was “Guess what? I’m so happy…” Boyfriend recounting this says he then leaned closer, thinking I’m going to tell him how happy I am that he is visiting, or how sad I am that he leaves in 2 days, or how much I’m looking forward to going to Japan with him in a week. I then continued “My net book gets here tomorrow!” and promptly fell asleep.

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