Cheese with that wine? Yes, please!

This was right after a huge storm, the ground is usually green.

(The title references the somewhat maudlin tone previously used.  Please excuse.)

The boyfriend is in town for 3 weeks (yay!) and tomorrow we are heading up to the family house on the lake. Can’t wait! Last year we were only able to go up for a long weekend because of my work schedule. As previously mentioned (lamented, wailed over), I’m working part-time. Bossman let me scrunch the days I work up at the beginning and end of the week so I get six glorious days off of work in a row.  Subtract the majority of 2 days for travel (8 hours from Greenville, SC to Eddyville, Ky–whew!) and we’ll still get quite a bit of time for bonfires, grilling out, fishing, lying around in hammocks, and generally just chilling out.

I absolutely can not wait.

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